C1 – Power system development and economics


To facilitate and promote the progress of engineering and the international exchange of information and knowledge in the field of system development and economics. To add value to this information and knowledge by means of synthesizing state-of-the-art practices and developing recommendations.


The scope of Study Committee C1 is to study Economics and system analysis methods for the development of power systems: methods and tools for steady state and dynamic analysis, planning issues and methods in various contexts, asset management strategies, in order to support electricity system planners worldwide to anticipate and successfully manage system changes to address the arising needs, opportunities and uncertainties while respecting multiple constraints..

Areas of attention include:

System planning:
• Utilization of methods and tools for power system steady state and dynamic
analysis in system planning and economic analyses.
• Planning predicaments and methods in competitive and regulatory structures
and with stakeholder involvement for public acceptance. Progress and new
approaches in application of power system planning criteria and reliability
(security, adequacy, resilience)
• Capacity enhancement by use of risk-based security assessment and
advanced information, communication and power-electronics technology
for improving system stability and dynamic performance.
• Future dependence, requirements and economy of ancillary services for
frequency and voltage control and other system needs (grid codes).
• System planning issues in newly industrialised and developing countries
including metropolitan areas.

Asset management:
• Asset management strategies applied across a range of power system
assets for the definition of optimal policies using e.g. total life cycle cost
of ownership.

Business management:
• Impact on system development of new solutions and technologies in
fields such as generation, demand side management (DSM), energy
storage, “smart” and evolving distribution systems.
• The impact of pricing and tariff methods for transmission services on
system development and project priorities in the context of market
design and grid ownership structures.

Interconnections – horizontal, vertical:
• Planning issues related to long distance transmission and international
• Interface and allocation issues in transmission and distribution planning,
and delivery of multi-party/cross-jurisdiction projects.

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