A2 – Power transformers and reactors


To facilitate and promote the progress of engineering and the international exchange of information and knowledge in the field of transformers and reactors. To add value to this information and knowledge by means of synthesizing state-of-the-art practices and developing recommendations.


Technological field of activity

• Power transformers including
industrial, DC converter and
phase-shifting transformers.
• Reactors including shunt,
series, saturated and,
• Transformer components
including bushings, tap
changers and accessories.



Within its technical field of activity, Study Committee A2 addresses topics throughout the asset management life-cycle phases; from conception, through research, development, design, production, deployment, operation, and end-of life. At all stages, technical, safety, economic, environmental and social aspects are addressed as well as interactions with, and integration into, the evolving power system and the environment. All aspects of performance, specification, testing and the application of testing techniques are within scope, with a specific focus on the impact of changing interactions and demands due to evolution of the power system. Life cycle assessment techniques, risk management techniques, education and training are also important aspects.

Within this framework additional specific areas of attention include:
• Theory, principles and concepts, functionality, technological development, design,
performance and application of materials, efficiency.
• Manufacturing, quality assurance, application guidance, planning, routing and
location, construction, erection, installation.
• Reliability, availability, dependability, maintainability and maintenance, service,
condition monitoring, diagnostics, restoration, repair, loading, upgrading, uprating.
• Refurbishment, re-use/re-deployment, deterioration, dismantling, disposal.

Kontakt osobe:

Key contact

Chairman MARIN SCHÖNBERGER, mag.ing.el.univ.spec.transf.  

Ulica cara Hadrijana 3, 31000 OSIJEK
phone: +385 31 24 47 54
e-mail: marin.schonberger@hops.hr

Secretaey: dr. sc. BRANIMIR ĆUĆIĆ

KONČAR-Distributivni i specijalni transformatori d.d.
Ul. J. Mokrovića 8, 10090 ZAGREB
phone: +385 01 378 37 58
fax: +385 01 379 40 51
e-mail: branimir.cucic@koncar-dst.hr

Webmaster: dr. sc. BRANIMIR ĆUĆIĆ

KONČAR-Distributivni i specijalni transformatori d.d.
Ul. J. Mokrovića 8, 10090 ZAGREB
phone: +385 01 378 37 58
fax:+385 01 379 40 51
e-mail: branimir.cucic@koncar-dst.hr


The SC currently consists of:

17 Regular Members, 6 Observer Members and 4 Honorary Members.

Regular Members


Croatian Transmission System Operator Ltd. (HOPS d.o.o.)
Transmission Area OSIJEK
Ulica cara Hadrijana 3, HR-31000 OSIJEK
phone:  +385 31 24 47 54
fax:  +385 31 50 10 16
e-mail: marin.schonberger@hops.hr


KONČAR-Distributivni i specijalni transformatori d.d.
Ul. J. Mokrovića 8, HR-10090 ZAGREB
tel.: +385 1 378 37 58
fax: +385 1 379 40 51
e-mail: branimir.cucic@koncar-dst.hr


Observer Members


Honorary Members