Kati Sidval
Simuation Specialist
RTDS Technologies Inc., Canada 


Janez Zakonjšek
Exclusive RTDS Technologies representative for Croatia
RELARTE Ltd, Slovenia    

Seminar: Hardware-in-the-loop testing with the RTDS Simulator

Power system complexity continues to grow with the massive influx of independent power producers, distributed and often intermittent energy resources, lower inertia systems, parallel-connected inverters, cyber security risks, and interoperating intelligent devices from various manufacturers and speaking various languages. These and other factors have created a need for not only sophisticated protection, control, monitoring, and visualization solutions, but also high-fidelity testing tools that allow engineers to anticipate vulnerabilities in these solutions and to detect interactions and behaviours that may not show themselves under normal conditions.

The ability to connect protection and control systems to a simulated network in order to test them in a closed-loop is more valuable than ever before. Real time simulation is the only tool that offers this capability – hardware-in-the-loop testing – which allows for the validation of equipment behaviour, de-risked integration of new technologies, decreased commissioning time, increased manufacturer confidence, and improved power system security and resilience.

The RTDS Simulator, the world standard for real time power system simulation, is used by hundreds of world-leading electrical utilities, protection and control manufacturers, universities, research institutions, and consultants around the world. The technology is capable of a huge range of applications, including cyber security, renewable energy integration, digital substation testing, wide area monitoring, protection and control scheme testing, and more.

This seminar will focus on the benefits of hardware-in-the-loop testing, the specific solutions offered by the RTDS Simulator including hardware and software features, as well as case studies and project examples from leading institutions around the world. There will be a dedicated opportunity for discussion and Q&A after the presentation.


Zagreb, FER – Siva vijećnica
11 December, 9:00 – 12:00