Application of Line Surge Arresters in Power Distribution and Transmission Systems – Cavtat/Dubrovnik-Croatia, May 25-29, 2008.

Cavtat/Dubrovnik-Croatia, May 25-29, 2008.

Ovo je zaštićeni dio stranice. Pristup ovoj stranici dozvoljen je samo članovima HRO CIGRÉ. Molimo vas da upišete Vaše korisničko ime i Vašu lozinku.


Dear Colleagues and Friends, Welcome to the International Colloquium on “Application of Line Surge Arresters in Power Distribution and Transmission Systems“ to be held in Cavtat, Croatia. The Colloquium is organized under the umbrella of the CIGRÉ Study Committee C4 (System Technical Performance) in cooperation with the Croatian National Committee and Study Committees A3 (High Voltage Equipment) and B2 (Overhead Lines). The goal of the Colloquium is to examine the various aspects of line surge arresters application and it is addressed to power utilities, equipment manufacturers, design engineers, system operators, universities, testing laboratories, research institutes and other organizations in the electricity industry. The Colloquium offers an opportunity for all participants to discuss key current topics about the line surge arresters. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I warmly welcome you to the Colloquium and I hope that you will have an enjoyable time discussing and exchanging ideas with each other. I also wish you a great stay in Croatia – the land of the thousand islands.

Prof. Ivo Uglešić Chairman of the Colloquium


Ivo Uglešić – Chairman
Ante Marušić
Viktor Milardić
Miroslav Mesić
Gordan Mirošević
Josip Moser
Irena Tomiša


I. Uglešić (Croatia) Chairman
S. Sadović (France) Co–Chairman
A. Xemard (France) Co–Chairman
M. Babuder (Slovenia)
W. A. Chisholm (USA)
M. T. Correia de Barros (Portugal)
A. da Costa Oliveira Rocha (Brazil)
B. Dalle (France) A. Dutil (Canada)
M. Ishii (Japan) T. Lassaigne (France)
C. Neumann (Germany)
C. A. Nucci (Italy)
S. Pack (Austria)
M. Puharić (Croatia)
B. Richter (Switzerland)
A. Sekso (Croatia)
M. Waldron (United Kingdom)





1. Interaction between LSAs and electrical system
2. Line performance improvement in terms of continuity of service
3. Different applications of LSAs
4. LSA designs (gapless, gap–type)
5. Apparatus aspects of LSA, standardization, testing
6. Simulation/selection tools
7. LSA Selection
8. Installation practice of LSAs/mechanical aspects
9. Field experience with LSAs/reliability
10. LSA monitoring program

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