3. International Colloquium Transformer Research and Asset Management Split/Croatia, October 15. – 17. 2014.

Split/Croatia, October 15 – 17, 2014. 

Ovo je zaštićeni dio stranice. Pristup ovoj stranici dozvoljen je samo članovima HRO CIGRÉ. Molimo vas da upišete Vaše korisničko ime i Vašu lozinku.

Ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee supported by CIGRÉ National Committee of Croatia with CIGRÉ Study Committee A2 – Transformers, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb and the Centre of Excellence for Transformers in Zagreb, I would like to invite you to the 3rd International Colloquium “Transformer Research and Asset Management”: in Split, Grand hotel Lav Le Meridien, 15.-17.10.2014.

The first two Colloquiums, held in Cavtat in 2009 and Dubrovnik 2012, have shown great interest of researchers and scientists. We expect again about 200 attendees from all over the world and about 50 papers with scientific insights and new results covering the most critical aspects of power and instruments transformers.
Again, the same topics were chosen to offer new answers to R&D trends and to Transformer Diagnostic and Maintenance recent challenge:

1. Numerical Modelling
2. Materials, Components and New Technologies
3. Transformer Life Management

Previous conferences provided unique opportunities for discussion that have led to a wider and much better understanding of power and instruments transformers and its components like: transformer insulating materials and oil, on load tap changer, bushings cooling system, failures, loading, diagnostic testing, on-line monitoring etc.
We anticipate that this meeting will host the most respected companies and hope that the received papers and expected meeting discussions will enhance the knowledge of the hottest transformer topics of recent times.
I invite you to join us for the scientific and competent technical discussions where the participants will have the opportunity to network and develop their own contacts as well as to present their latest work in the in the areas of distribution, power and instrument transformers.
Furthermore, the conference hosts an exhibition where transformers companies and their suppliers can present their achievements and products, so I invite them to join us as sponsors.
As a part of the “Centre of Excellence for Transformers” to be established at Zagreb University it is also a unique opportunity for pre- and post-graduate students to step up their knowledge and establish links with industrial, academic and research associates.
I am looking forward to meeting you at this colloquium which provides opportunity to discuss new scientific developments, introduce new people and meet old friends and colleagues – and all together spend exciting days in Split.

Yours faithfully,
Miroslav Poljak, PhD
Chairman of Organizing Committee




Miroslav POLJAK (poljak.dd@koncar.hr), Chairman

Božidar FILIPOVIĆ-GRČIĆ (bfilipovic-grcic@hro-cigre.hr)

Ana DRANDIĆ (ana.drandic@fer.hr)

Žarko JANIĆ (zarko.janic@siemens.com)

Darija MIKLENIĆ (darija.miklenic@koncar.hr)

Antun MIKULECKY (amikul@koncar-institut.hr)

Ivan SITAR (ivan.sitar@koncar-dst.hr)

Željko ŠTIH (zeljko.stih@fer.hr)



Željko Štih (Croatia)
Zoran Anđelić (Switzerland)
Oszkar Biro (Austria)
Gusztav Csepes (Hungary)
Zdenko Godec (Croatia)
Stanislaw Gubanski (Sweden)
Tomislav Kelemen (Croatia)
S. V. Kulkarni (India)
Elzbieta Lesniewska (Poland)
Karsten Loppach (Germany)
Zlatko Maljković (Croatia)
Richard P. Marek (USA)
Nkosenye Sidwell Mtetwa (South Africa)
Ugo Piovan (Italy)
Claude Rajotte (Canada)
Kjetil Ryen (Norway)
Michel Sacotte (France)
Martin Stössel (Austria)
Mladen Trlep (Slovenia)
Zvonimir Valković (Croatia)
Fikret Velagić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Slavomir Wiak (Poland)
Davor Zvizdić (Croatia)
Darian Leonid (Russia)
Miljenko Hrkać (Italy)
Savvas Petoussis (Cyprus)
Larin Vasilij (Russia)